Dirt Work and Erosion Control

Properly preparing your site before a construction project begins is essential to its success.

Let us help you build a firm foundation with our expert dirt work and erosion control services.

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Dirt Work and Erosion Control Services

We are proud to offer comprehensive dirt work and erosion control services for every project:

Black Dirt

At Clean Cut Outdoor Services, we use high-quality black dirt for every project. Whether you are a property owner, contractor, or developer, our competitive prices, and exceptional service will help keep you do quality work as efficiently as possible.

Gravel Driveway Grading and Installation

We use a high quality gravel products that create an effective base for any construction or development product.

Dirt Gravel and Mulch Delivery/Hauling

We have the equipment to transport all types of construction and landscaping materials, including black dirt, rock, gravel and mulch. We’re committed to getting your materials to you quickly and effectively so that your project can continue right on schedule.


We provide quality grading services to protect your property from water damage. We also repair negative grading and provide restoration services to properties where grading has been compromised.

Skid Steer Services

At Clean Cut Outdoor Services, our reliable skid-steers can tackle any construction project, including grading, dirt removal, demolition, concrete removal, and more.

Silt Fence

Protect the water quality and the environment around your site while you’re working. We can install temporary silt fences to control sediment and storm-water runoff and remove them when they are no longer necessary.


At Clean Cut Outdoor Services, we can properly cover your new construction or property with seed for turf grasses that comply with local codes, grow well your soil, and help prevent erosion. Our seeding services are effective, efficient and competitively priced!


A great way to get excellent results at a fraction of the cost of sod. We mix seed, fertililzer, bio stimulants, and hydro mulch to give you best ingredients for a lawn

Satisfaction Guaranteed for All Dirt Work and Erosion Control Services

At Clean Cut Outdoor Services, we have the expertise and reliable equipment to ensure that your job will be done on-time and on budget, and our commitment to quality work means that you’ll always be satisfied. Trust us with your property services – your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Dirt Work and Erosion Control Project Gallery

Property owners, developers, contractors, and municipalities throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin have chosen Clean Cut Outdoor Services for their dirt work and erosion control projects. Click a photo below to see our work!